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​Mercedes with DVD and Wi-Fi

We run the largest selection of vehicles, all are bought from new and serviced regularly by the main dealers. Our own workshop only deals with minor day to day issues (light bulbs, oil, water etc). We know and understand the meaning of reliability. Quality is not compromised.

Our 16 seater coaches are the best in the area, can easily cope with all your luggage.

23 Taxis have a range of MiniBuses from 8 to 16 seats

Exterior: Black or Silver
Interior: Black
Transmission: Auto
DVD and Wi Fi

Spacious interiors on all our vehicles used on long journeys.0

All our own vehicles are changed for new every 2 years

Part of our massive range of Mini Buses

Exterior: Red, Blue Silver, Black
Interior: Various, mainly leather
Transmission: Manual
DVD and WiFi available on request

DVD, WiFi available on longer journeys

A  couple more of our Mercedes

Some of our standard saloon cars

Exterior: All colours
Interior: Various
Transmission: Automatic and Manual
All under 3 years old

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